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Gnocchi alla Romana

Roman Gnocchi are made with semolina and are quite different from the more well-known potato gnocchi served with pasta sauce.

These gnocchi can be prepared a day or two in advance, wrapped and stored in the refrigerator in the slab form or as circles.   They can be served individually in small gratin dishes as a starter, or served to accompany rich meat stew dishes or ragu.

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Next Class Book Now!

Sunday, 13th December - 6pm

Sign up for a blast of culinary inspiration, and maybe some entertaining distraction from everything going on.

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Up and coming Zoom Cookery Classes

Interested in learning new cookery ideas, tips and tricks via zoom? Join me for a Zoom class. Up to 15 people, so we all get a chance to interact and share. Wednesdays 7pm. Sundays 6pm. Or a particular date of your choosing.

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Condé Nast Top Travel Winner 2019

Congratulations to Sarah and Stirred Travel. She and they deserve it. I've worked with Sarah for nearly 25 years now!! And she has been so supportive of me, putting up with all us chefs! Always a can-do attitude. Looking forward to many more fun times with the team at Stirred.

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Stirred Travel

A fresh new season for Stirred Cookery Holidays begins in May 2016 with chef Sophie Braimbridge at the helm, making the very most of the stunning Spring produce for which the Veneto is renowned.

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Things I learned in Italy

Had yet another fabulous time with Stirred Travel last autumn and don’t forget, I’ll be out there again this year from May.

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Update on IBS

The IBS Network have a great 'eat well plate’ that helps you create a balanced diet and helps you choose what foods you can eat with your IBS and what you should cut down on.

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Golden Ladle Award

After the republication of my cookery book - Simply Italian, I was honoured to win the Golden Ladle Award.

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Sophie Braimbridge is a London-based chef, writer, teacher and cookery presenter, known for her innovative, witty style.

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