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A fresh new season for Stirred Cookery Holidays begins in May 2016 with chef Sophie Braimbridge at the helm, making the very most of the stunning Spring produce for which the Veneto is renowned.

Hands on cookery classes using the rich and diverse seasonal produce for which the area is renowned concentrate on creating regional Italian dishes such as faraona in salmis con salsa peverada (roast guineafowl with spicy pepper sauce) and seppie col nero alla Veneziana (cuttlefish stewed in its own ink), as well as exploring broader Italian cuisine. You will learn new techniques and become acquainted with an exciting array of ingredients over the week-long courses.

„With Stirred we wanted to create a holiday which went beyond that of the every day cookery school and into the realms of something more experiential - relaxing in elegant surroundings, taking in culture, socialising and learning - all with a natural focus on great food and produce, fine wines and adventurous cooking.“

- Stirred co-founder Sarah Roberts -


Sophie Braimbridge is a London-based chef, writer, teacher and cookery presenter, known for her innovative, witty style.

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