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Chef, Writer and Cookery Presenter.

Sophie Braimbridge is a London-based chef, acclaimed author, teacher and cookery presenter, known for her innovative, witty style.

Trained by the Roux Brothers, Sophie has mastered a vast range of styles by cooking for eight years at some of the world's leading restaurants: Le Gavroche, Sally Clarke's, and the River Cafe in London, and Chez Panisse in San Francisco.

Sophie has shared her insights in ten cookery books, including Stylish Mediterranean in Minutes, Healthy Eating for IBS, Food for the Heart, Food for Pregnancy, and the award-winning Simply Italian.

In 2003 Sophie set up the cookery school ‘Sophie’s Cookery Cube’, in a glass-walled modernist studio in Wimbledon, from which she ran bespoke classes. She has taught corporate clients from Italy to South Africa, has catered for clients including Sainsburys and Channel 4, and been Head Chef at various multimedia companies.

Passionate about food from all over the world, from her travels to South East Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Morocco and Italy Sophie has brought back exciting new tastes and knowledge. Sophie is a Guest Chef with Stirred Travel, named Top Travel Specialist by Condé Nast in 2019, which offers luxury cooking holiday experiences in stunning country houses in Veneto and Puglia, Italy.

Photography by: Alexander James

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    Sophie Braimbridge is a London-based chef, writer, teacher and cookery presenter, known for her innovative, witty style.

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